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About Dan Keefe – Expert Home Inspector at Navigator Home Inspections

Owner/Operator Dan Keefe
Owner/Operator Dan Keefe has over 30 years of experience in the construction, real estate, and home inspection fields. Dan is a true professional and you will receive courteous, knowledgeable, and professional service that makes the inspection a pleasant and informative experience. Dan not only returns phone calls before your inspection but is open to any calls for questions you may have after reviewing your report.

A Journey of Dedication and Expertise

Dan’s path to becoming a licensed home inspector is marked by dedication and rigorous training. With years of home inspection training and association with inspection firm, he mastered the intricacies of the home inspection industry culminating in his Massachusetts Home Inspector license in 2018 and the formation of his own company, Navigator Home Inspections LLC. His journey underlines his commitment to providing thorough, informed inspections.

In-Depth Inspection Services

Dan is an ASHI Certified Inspector and adheres to the ASHI and Massachusetts Standards of Practice, ensuring required inspection of all critical home systems. He has experience in a wide range of properties, including high-end homes, waterfront homes, historical homes, multi-family residences, and new construction. Dan’s inspections are thorough and detailed. You can view a sample report to understand better what to expect during your home inspection.

Why Choose a Qualified Home Inspector?

Selecting a qualified home inspector like Dan is crucial for making informed decisions about your property. With his construction and real estate background, Dan offers insights beyond surface-level assessments, providing clients with peace of mind and valuable information about their investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dan Keefe’s extensive training, experience and adherence to the ASHI and MA Standards of Practice sets him apart. His comprehensive approach to home inspections, coupled with his in-depth understanding of home systems, ensures thorough and insightful inspections.

His construction and real estate background gives him a deep understanding of building materials, techniques, and property market standards. This knowledge allows him to identify potential issues more effectively and offer practical advice on property maintenance and value.

Dan inspects a wide range of areas in a home, including air conditioning systems, plumbing, electrical, structural systems, exteriors, fireplaces, flooring, heating, interiors, insulation, ventilation, and roof systems. Read more about the scope of the home inspection.

Clients should ensure before the schedule inspection date that all areas of the home are accessible, all utilities are on, and prepare any specific questions or concerns they might have about the property.

Beyond standard inspections, Dan offers specialized services such as radon testing, which is crucial for assessing the safety and air quality of the home.

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